After more than two decades in journalism I still like to tell stories, but with beautiful images instead of words...

The birth of my son over ten years ago sparked the career switch from newspaper reporter to professional photographer.

I was already armed with some decent gear thanks to a passion for landscape photography, but snapping the windswept shores of Blighty soon gave way to taking hundreds of photos of our cute little bundle of joy.

Before I knew it I'd quickly built up a nice little side business photographing other people's babies, then entire families - and I absolutely loved it!

I now run my own business Mike Blackburn Photography full time, based in York but working right across the UK, and in the past few years have built an extensive portfolio of diverse but always high quality work.

Wedding and engagement photography is my main passion, but I'm an extremely versatile photographer who still loves those lifestyle shoots with happy families on a sunny summer afternoon or crisp autumnal morning. I also regularly shoot commercial and events.

The experience and expertise I developed as a journalist serves me well as a professional photographer, the excellent communication skills, ability to quickly gain the trust and confidence of people, all that stuff... but most importantly I am simply and genuinely interested in people and their story.

And for me, the reward from capturing a precious, perhaps fleeting moment on a wedding day or in a child's life with a stunning image that couples or parents can treasure forever is far greater than any short-lived buzz from meeting tight deadlines on breaking news stories.

But of course, the ability to tell a story still runs at the heart of my work - and what greater story is there to tell than of one of the biggest days in your life, your wedding day.

And as they say, a picture truly is worth a thousand words...